Ginger's Safari Extension

Ginger Page for Safari

Enjoy a one-stop-shop of all your writing needs using Ginger Page for Safari Extension.

Write great English in Facebook, Gmail and Twitter and other sites with the world’s leading writing extension for Safari. Ginger Page includes a cutting-edge proofreader, a sophisticated rephrasing tool as well as translations, contextual synonyms, definitions and more!

Once you’ve installed the Ginger Extension:
  1. Open up Safari Preferences
  2. Click on the "Extensions" tab
  3. Enable the extension by clicking on the checkmark next to its name.

Once you’ve completed these steps, Ginger will be available with “as you type” live corrections and as a stand-alone app with a full suite of writing features via the Ginger icon next to the URL bar.

Ginger Page for Safari offers 2 different ways to compose and enhance your text:

  1. A non-intrusive correction tool that offers you live corrections as you write your text in Gmail, Facebook and your other favorite websites. This tool highlights your spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes and enhances your text with alternative phrasings.
  2. A one-stop-shop tool you can access by clicking the Ginger Page icon. This tool offers you a cutting-edge solution for all of your writing needs with a grammar and spelling proofreader, rephrasing tool, translations between 40 different languages, contextual synonyms and definitions.