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The Advantages of Using an Online Grammar Checker

Posted by The ginger Team | October 25th 2011

Using an online grammar checker can benefit you in many ways, from perfecting your texts in a click to improving your command of the English language altogether.

Using a Context Based Grammar checker

What’s important to keep in mind is to not only use a grammar checker, but rather one that is context-based and so it corrects your words according to their context in a complete sentence, and not word-by-word. Imagine a sentence like “I want to go to the bathroom too.” Imagine it spelled “I want too go too the bathroom to.” A word-by-word spelling and grammar checker will not find any errors, while a context-based one, such as Ginger, will check the grammar and let you know the sentence is wrong, although each word is spelled correctly.

Benefits of an Online Grammar Checker

A good grammar checker will help you proofread your texts and make sure they are accurate and free of mistakes. An online grammar checker as opposed to an offline grammar checker has the benefit of being constantly connected to the internet, and so it is always up-to-date and accurate.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Most importantly, a good grammar checker will not only correct your English, but help you improve and learn from your mistakes by documenting them and showing you certain patterns you might have.