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Grammar Mistakes Hall of Fame

Posted by The ginger Team | October 25th 2011

Grammar errors are much more difficult to catch than spelling errors, and are usually more crucial in the way they reflect on the writer. While you can blame spelling mistakes on typing too fast, grammar mistakes usually just mean your grammar is not polished enough. The most common grammar errors we have on Ginger can be easily fixed if you learn just a few basic rules.

The grammar mistakes most commonly made by Ginger users are:


  1. i → I

Subject Verb Agreement

  1. Is/are
  2. Was/were
  3. Have/has


  1. You’re/your
  2. It’s/its


  1. A/an

Singular vs. Plural

  1. These/this


  1. On/in
  2. To/for
  3. For/of
  4. In/at