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Corporate events premises

Outdoor premises

Outdoor premises are suitable for promotional, less formal shows or informal corporate meetings. It is vital to consider carefully the option of sheltering the terrace with tents or pagodas, which may as well be secured if required.

  • Inner yard terrace – capacity ca. 100 seats in theater-like layout
  • Chateau park - unlimited capacity

Indoor premises

Indoor premises offer three options for your event to choose from. All premises can be customized and rearranged to meet your individual demands with respect to the event alone.

  • Lounge with a view of the chateau - capacity ca. 20 seats in theater-like layout + designated area for technical support
  • Lounge with a view of the inner yard terrace - capacity ca. 44 seats in theater-like layout
  • Upstairs lounge with a view of the inner yard terrace - capacity ca. 90 seats in theater-like layout


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