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Bike trips along the bike paths

There is the international bike path No. 32 going past Červená Lhota, connecting Prague and Vienna. In one direction, you can go via Dírná (3 km), Tučapy (9 km) to Tábor (34 km), or in the other via Pluhův Žďár (3 km), Studnice (9 km) to Jindřichův Hradec (17 km). In addition, there is also the bike path No. 1182 going to Deštná.

Bike path Jindřichův Hradec - Červená Lhota (via Kardašova Řečice)

Bike path: Partly goes along the path No. 1170
Trip length: 28 km
Itinerary: Jindřichův Hradec - Hatín - Holná - Kardašova Řečice - Pluhův Žďár - Červená Lhota
Route description: Leaving Jindřichův Hradec, you will through Buk as far as the village of Hatín. After you leave it behind you, take the first to the right. The path will soon take you to the pond of Velká Holná. On its dam, you will join the bike path No. 1170 which will take you to Kardašova Řečice. From there, go along a normal road to Pluhův Žďár and Červená Lhota.

Bike path Jindřichův Hradec - Červená Lhota (part of the Greenways trail Prague - Vienna)

Bike path: No. 32
Trip length: 17 km
Itinerary: Jindřichův Hradec - Studnice - Pluhův Žďár - Červená Lhota
Route description: Fairly undemanding route taking its way along the roads. It goes along the bike path No. 32.


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