About Ginger

Ginger Software’s mission is to help people write better and faster, in English and in other languages.

10+ years experience in NLP and AI

Ginger has over 10 years of experience in AI-powered grammar and spell checking tools.
It gathered feedback that allows machine learning to fine-tune the results and to understand what people really want to write even in complex cases, like for people with dyslexia or very poor English.

Check and improve your English

Not only Ginger corrects you, but gives you tips and advice to improve yourself relative to your mistakes, in addition to a lot of content that is valid for everyone.

Some of the features are available for free, some require a subscription or a one-time payment.

Mobile, desktop and API

Ginger Software tools are available as online tools, mobile apps, add-ons, APIs, and correct as-you-type or on written documents. It’s used by millions of people worldwide, both English natives, non-natives living in English-speaking countries, and non-native. Available also for companies ...

Prestigious founding members

Ginger Software received 25m$ the funding of major high-tech investors such as Horyzon Ventures, Tamar Ventures, Vayzra and some of its founding team members have significant management or research roles of hi-tech companies Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Verbit, Chorus.AI